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Tower Suites Reykjavík Arrival Instructions

We are located at Katrínartún 2. Here is a link to Google Maps.

Check-in time is from 15:00 (3 pm).

You will be able to access your suite via smartphone. It is fast and easy.
Just download the APP named FLEXIPASS (iOS and Android)
Enter the CODE which will be provided to you by email, once your suite is ready from 15:00 (3 pm).

Arriving from the Ground Floor

Please enter through the main building entrance (shown below).

To enter the building after business hours, you will need to use your digital key at the sensor marked Tower Suites (shown below). Please remember that digital is only active from 3 pm.

Turn right after entering the building, and you will find the elevators around the next corner on your left. As you approach the bank of four elevators, enter the second elevator on your left marked Tower Suites (shown below).

Inside the elevator, place your digital key over the sensor on the left marked Tower Suites Reykjavik to proceed to the 20th floor (shown below).

Please note, the location of bluetooth hardware differs from phone to phone, so gently move your phone up and down if you do not get a blinking green light on the sensor straight away. It can take a few seconds to activate, so please be patient.

Accessing Your Suite

When stepping out of the elevator on 20th floor, please turn right and find your suite number and name on the list of the glass panel. Please proceed to your suite and repeat the opening process with your smart phone, that is gently moving your phone up and down over the bluetooth sensor above the door handle.


In your room, you will find some basic information regarding the property, such as the Wifi password, and you can access our digital local guide book from the in-room iPad.

Please enjoy your stay at Tower Suites Reykjavik!