• Luna Fl├│rens (map)

      Connected to Coocoo’s Nest and serving the same food menu, this blooming bar and boutique offers a slightly different vibe.

    • Stofan Cafe (map)

      An excellent meeting place in the heart of downtown, offering cafe food, local beer, boardgames, books and the occasional knitting circle.

    • Kex (map)

      A quaint and tasty gastropub that also serves as the lobby of the popular Kex Hostel.

    • Matur og Drykkur (map)

      Traditional Icelandic cuisine in a super cozy space, sharing a building with the Saga Museum.

    • Kaffi Laekur (map)

      Cozy, kid-friendly, farm-fresh food with baked goods and local beer as well.

    • Hannesarholt (map)

      The historic home of Iceland’s first prime minister, you’ll find true home-cooked cozy goodness.

    • L├Žkjarbrekka (map)

      Classically-inspired Scandinavian and Icelandic cuisine in one of the oldest buildings in Reykjavik.

    • Port 9 Wine Bar (map)

      Featuring an ever-changing wine list in a beautiful surrounding.

    • Snaps Bistro (map)

      Beautiful bistro and bar with their own Gin and Tonic menu.

    • Reykjavik Roasters (map)

      Quality coffee beans, roasted locally with care and poured with love.

    • Kaffih├║s Vesturba├Žjar (map)

      Hip coffee shop on the West side of town.

    • Mokka Kaffi (map)

      An espresso and art haven, since 1958.