About us

About us

One of the benefits of having an expansive view is the clear vision that comes with it. At Tower Suites Reykjavik, our vision is to provide a long-awaited private abode in Iceland, ideal for anyone with an appetite for comfortable living and who wants to marvel at all the choices that first become visible once the view is unobstructed. With a unique location and offering the highest viewpoint in Iceland’s capital Reykjavík, you will have your preferred lifestyle in the palm of your hands.

Owned and operated by Above Reykjavik ltd., the Tower Suites Reykjavik team have an extensive and widely respected business reputation in Iceland. As well as making their mark on the hotel industry, the owners operate various successful companies in Iceland, among them some of Iceland’s most popular restaurants and catering services, along with a unique luxury private hotel in the south of Iceland, The Trophy Lodge.


An organic, generously supplied breakfast is served daily between 7 and 11, by Iceland’s renowned whole food restaurant HAPP, which stands for Healthy And Pure Products. HAPP’s vision is clear; To enhance the quality of life with a through fresh and pure ingredients. Our breakfast is of course complimentary for our guests.

In your suite

In your suite at Tower Suites Reykjavík you will find your own wine cooler with red and white wine, and champagne, carefully selected by our wine experts (add. charge).
You will furthermore find your cooler packed with Icelandic glacial water, Icelandic craft beer (add. charge), soft drinks and sweets.


Our staff will see to making dining reservations in Reykjavik’s best restaurants and will happily recommend various places depending on the experience you seek.

Transportation and access

Tower Suites Reykjavik occupy the 20th floor of tower Höfðatorg. Lifts take you straight to the 20th floor, which is only accessible by a lift access key. An exclusive entry is available through the underground car park. Luxury transportation is furthermore available upon request.

Booking inquiries

For booking inquiries: info@towersuites.is / +354 416 0000

Contact us

Tower Suites Reykjavík is a new luxury accommodation on the highest viewpoint in Reykjavík. For booking inquiries, please send us a message using the form below. You can also contact us via info@towersuites.is, or through our Front desk phone: +354 416 0000.