• Snæfellsjökull Suite

    Snæfellsjökull Suite

    Looming in the distance is glacier Snæfellsjökull, draped in an aura of mystery. Another source of energy stands tall and even nearer; a house of worship, yet a tribute to human accomplishment. Church Hallgrímskirkja, in its cloak of columnar basalt, is the other guardian of your view. Nature yet not, quiet yet roaring, its tower sounds the bells heard without, as windpipes, voices and pedals fill the halls of music. And with some luck, ribbons and bows of northern lights might adorn the tower and the inky night sky, wrapping the scenery in green, painting an adventure before your very eyes.

    • West-facing city, ocean and mountain view.
    • Size: 45
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  • Vífilsfell Suite with Bathtub

    Vífilsfell Suite with Bathtub

    Wake up to the sunny side of life and embrace the east as the sun playfully peeks over the mountains. It may be early or it may be late, but Mt. Vífilsfell’s elusive peak stands patiently in the distance, ready to greet the curious traveller. A little nearer, gliding shadows circle the nearby Mt. Úlfarsfell, defying gravity and soaring like birds. Yet they are not, but daredevils who jump into the welcoming hands of fate, taking in a cityscape almost as exclusive as yours. In sharp contrast to the looming mountains, the colourful houses stand below, meek yet welcoming. Somewhere, a church bell tolls.

    • East-facing city and mountain view.
    • Size: 45 m2
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  • Skálafell Suite with Bathtub

    Skálafell Suite with Bathtub

    Dancing waves and quiet islands meet your eyes as you glance to the east, along the bay. Direct your eyes upwards to greet the Light Mountains that look like they are bathed in perpetual sunlight, or imagine you can see through the age-old rock and across the hilltops. Rest your eyes on Mt. Skálafell, where a ribbon of light, stretching up and down a sometimes smooth blanket of snow that lends its might to anyone and anything ready to hurry down the slopes. Then let your mind wander back from the piste and over the adorning towers before you and think about how they might empty and the streets fall silent, but the ocean roars on.

    • East-facing city and mountain view.
    • Connecting option to Hengill
    • Size: 45 m2
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  • Keilir Suite

    Keilir Suite

    Mt. Keilir commands your attention in the west, a cone that almost looks like someone patiently carried buckets of sand and rock to a remote lava field to construct a curiosity in your field of vision. A little nearer, but no less symmetrical, is The Pearl – a glittering dome of glass, curved in contrast to Keilir’s peak. Watch how the light unfolds through dramatic clouds or observe the light blue mountain range in the distance when the way is clear. From your top, this exclusive view is almost in the palm of your hand; it’s yours, and yours alone, to marvel at.

    • South and west-facing city, ocean and mountain view.
    • Connecting option to Bláfjöll
    • Size: 45 m2
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  • Hengill Suite with Bathtub

    Hengill Suite with Bathtub

    Two columns of ghostly steam stand as a fickle reminder of the country’s churning core. Passively surveying the landscape, the giants’ unmoving grace decorates a geothermal horizon. This heat, this watery essence of life we all so depend on, also has an outpost on your very doorstep. Look a little closer and see if you can spot the unassuming vapour of the local geothermal pool, or fill your private tub to the brim and soak before a view like no other. Outside your window, the rolling clouds may merge with your giants, welding together hot and cold, before moving along, clearing the path for the stars, the moon, and the wonders of the night.

    • East-facing city and mountain view.
    • Connecting option to Skálafell
    • Size: 45 m2
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  • Esja Corner Suite

    Esja Corner Suite

    Feel the assuring presence of the city’s elegant guardian, and watch how the sun’s gentle touch plays with Mt. Esja’s purple, green and icy hues, preluded by the vivacious ocean waves. This grand gate to the north paints crags and curves into the evening sky and remains ever watchful, ever present, ever protective. On a clear day, when you direct your gaze to the west, Snæfellsjökull — the gate to earth’s very centre — will present itself on your horizon as a reminder of what lies within.

    • Ocean, city and mountain view to the north and east.
    • Size: 65 m2
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  • Bláfjöll Corner Suite

    Bláfjöll Corner Suite

    South and east marry outside your window; the light’s realm where colour reigns. In the distance, the peaks so aptly named Blue Mountains remind you of a country where nothing is permanent, and everything is in motion. Make the journey to the blue horizon, past the Red Lake and Red Hills, and enter into an area where nature’s activity sustains life like nothing else will. You can go up the mountains or down the volcano – no matter what you choose, your soul will be elated. On a rainy day, turn your back to the sun and see if the dancing mist will catch the sunlight; if a rainbow appears that points to the treasure that lies at its end. A treasure made not of gold, but of nature.

    • City view to the south and east.
    • Connecting option to Keilir
    • Size: 58 m2
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  • Akrafjall Corner Suite

    Akrafjall Corner Suite

    Mt. Akrafjall, bathed in purple hues come calm spring evenings, is the backdrop to your horizon. Dressing the scene on which you can watch the playful lights of Harpa concert hall or listen for the seagulls’ call on a stage of light and dark, Akrafjall is but one player. In the west, the sun prepares to bid its daily farewell, and as during the darkest of hours, the Imagine Peace Tower will illuminate the heavens from its Viðey island home. As night falters and morning breaks, the expansive ocean desert, sprinkled by a lighthouse here and there, will be at your feet.

    • Ocean, city and mountain view to the north.
    • Size: 62.3 m2
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