Design & Gifts

    • Museum of Design and Applied Art (map)

      Beautiful collection of exhibitions, installations, featured designers and of course, museum shop.

    • KirsuberjatrĂ©Ă° (map)

      (The Cherry Tree) An all female contemporary collective who sell their art, design and handicrafts here.

    • Fischer (map)

      Family-run Icelandic concept store with a perfume line, body products, house-made records, and art installations.

    • Deer Nielsen (map)

      Fun and colorful shop of unique odds and ends from well-known and obscure designers.

    • HrĂ­m (map)

      A hip hub of Icelandic design for home, kitchen, clothing and accessories.

    • nomad. (map)

      A truly lovely selection of stylish, elegant, mostly Scandinavian design.

    • Systur & Maker (map)

      Clothing, jewelry, and other Icelandic designer items.