• Ground level
    • HAPP (map)

      Food from pure ingredients, made from scratch.

    • Hamburger Fabrikken (map)

      Quality hamburgers with a humorous twist.

    • Bambus (map)

      Fresh, modern Chinese cuisine.

    • Serrano

      Quickly prepared food, inspired by favorites of Mexico and California.

    • BjĂłr GarĂ°urinn

      Pouring local and global craft beer with street food (vegetarian options).

  • Walking Distance
  • Upscale
    • Dill (map)

      Nordic fine dining in a well-designed quaint former barn.

    • GrilliĂ° (map)

      Memorable fine dining in the original art deco top floor of the Radisson Blu Saga hotel.

  • Other Favourites
    • Grill Market (map)

      Using local ingredients to bring together traditional and modern Icelandic cuisine.

    • Sumac (map)

      Exciting menu utilizing exotic spices of Morocco and the Mediterranean.

    • Matur og Drykkur (map)

      Traditional Icelandic cuisine in a super cozy space, sharing a building with the Saga Museum.

    • Coocoo’s Nest (map)

      Italian-inspired fresh, local food with homemade hearth-baked sourdough. Also great for lunch and brunch.

    • BrauĂ° and Co. Bakery (map)

      Local bakery chain that is definitely a local favorite. Their cinnamon bun is not to be missed!

    • GlĂł (map)

      Fast fresh salads and bowls. Excellent vegetarian and vegan options.

    • Ramen Momo (map)

      Excellent ramen with house-made organic noodles.

    • Snaps (map)

      Beautiful bistro and bar with their own Gin and Tonic menu.

    • Mat Bar (map)

      Beautifully-plated tapas-style dishes made with many local ingredients.

    • Kol (map)

      Classically-inspired comfort food and cocktails.