• HöfĂ°i (map)

      This notable historical house by the waterfront is where Reagan and Gorbachev ended the Cold War in 1986.

    • Harpa (map)

      ReykjavĂ­k’s iconic Concert Hall and Conference Center.

    • Sun Voyager (map)

      JĂłn Gunnar Arnason’s elegant steel sculpture on the waterfront.

    • KlambratĂșn Park (map)

      One of ReykjavĂ­k’s largest public parks, KlambratĂșn is home to ReykjavĂ­k Art Museum KjarvalsstaĂ°ir, a frisbee golf course, basketball court, kid’s playground, barbecue facilities, and lots of green space.

    • Laugardalur Park (map)

      Originally the site of community’s clothing washing pools, this valley is now home to a year-round outdoor swimming pool, sports complex, zoo, botanical gardens, campground, and parks.

    • AlĂŸingi / Althingi (map)

      Iceland’s Parliament House, combining two buildings from 1908 and 2002 and home to Iceland’s oldest public garden.

    • Laugavegur (map)

      ReykjavĂ­k’s ‘main street’ for shopping and restaurants.